• SILKY-SOFT 6/4-PIECE DUVET SET: Craving the comfort of a luxury hotel but don’t want to leave the house? Now you don’t have to! With the Todd Linens satin duvet set, you’ll never want to leave your bed! Get four ultra-silky pillow covers, a fitted sheet and a gorgeous black duvet cover, all made from our signature blend of soft, thick satin for your best sleep ever!
  • GIVE YOUR HAIR A BOOST WITH 100 GSM SATIN : Never wake up to “bed head” again with thicker, 100 GSM satin pillowcases that fight frizz while you sleep. With friction-reducing polyester that leaves your locks silky-smooth, your hair will see less damage and breakage and lose less of its natural oils for a shinier, healthier “doo.” Bad hair days, be gone!
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED FOR LONG-LASTING COMFORT: Even the gentlest tossing and turning can cause other duvet covers to rip in an instant. With reinforced double-stitching, Todd Linens satin bedding offers stronger seams for a duvet set that lasts. Your linens still need to be handled with love, though. Be sure to wash them on delicate for years of amazing sleep!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING: Waking up a hot, sweaty mess doesn’t feel very luxurious! Eliminate stuffy sheet sweats with lightweight, breathable satin that keeps you breezy-cool all night long. Plus, the sheets are moisture-wicking so you’ll stay dry even in humid rooms or environments!
  • CORNER TIES KEEP DUVET IN PLACE: Lock everything in place with corner ties that keep your duvet from slipping and sliding into a bunched up mess. The ties keep everything exactly where it belongs, so endless repositioning is a thing of the past. When it’s time to toss the duvet in the wash, a secure zipper ensures the cover won’t fly off, unlike breakable button closures.

Get Your Best Sleep Ever with Silky Satin Linens That Rival Luxury Hotels

Your dream vacation is closer than you think: it’s right here, in YOUR bed! Experience the luxurious feel of hotel linens with a smooth, silky set made from ultra soft polyester satin. Drift into deep sleep and stay dreaming with not one, not two, but Four or SIX pieces of the most comfortable linens you’ll ever own.

Looking to make a happy couple’s home even happier? Our four or six-piece duvet set is the perfect gift for newlyweds, mom and dad, and EVERYONE else to make their nights cozier and lazy days more rewarding. Whether you’re updating your 10 year-old set or gifting the linens to friends, everyone will be cooler, cozier and sleeping sounder!


Make every night a luxury hotel stay with silky-smooth linens that feel AMAZING on sensitive skin. Lie down on the satin fitted sheet, curl up under the ultra-soft duvet cover and rest your head on friction-reducing pillow covers. You’ll melt straight into a deep, peaceful sleep!


Not only will your body thank you for the soft, luxurious satin, but your curls will, too! With 100 GSM pillowcases that soothe frizzy locks, you’ll reduce hair-ruining friction, decrease breakage and lose less of your natural oils for healthier, shinier hair without expensive beauty products!


Tossing, turning and getting tangled in the sheets can cause seams to burst and stitching to fly. With double-stitched seams, your fitted sheet will stay fray-free for years to come! Just don’t let the wash undo your diligent efforts – be sure to rinse it on delicate for years of great sleep.


Stuffy sheets and night sweats are FAR from a luxury sleeping experience. Let your skin breathe with airy material that wicks away moisture and stops sweat from pooling. You’ll wake up dry, refreshed and ready to take on the busy day ahead!


Button bands are prone to popping, but not our rock-solid zipper closure! Keep your comforter from spilling out with a durable zipper that won’t let a single bit of bedding escape. If you need to refresh the comforter, unzipping and tossing in the wash only takes a few seconds!


It’s hard to sleep when your duvet is bunched up in the cover! Keep it from slipping with corner ties that lock your bedding in place. No endless shifting or repositioning – as soon as you hit the pillow, you’ll be dreaming in no time!

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