• 700 GSM LUXURY TOWELS: The Todd Linens 700 GSM Signature Range towels set is anything but ordinary. Made from 100% spun cotton and crafted to thick, pillowy-soft perfection, drying off has never felt better (or been more effective!). So ditch those thin, scratchy towels that barely mop up a drop of water and stock your bathroom with quick-drying towels your skin craves!
  • POWERFULLY ABSORBENT: Low-quality poly blend and cotton towels absorb water about as well as a wet plastic bag. Not Todd Linens Signature Range! Our super-absorbent bathroom towels are made from 100% thick spun cotton that quickly wicks away moisture for a superior dry. No more furious scrubbing and multiple passes just to dry off!
  • EUROPE’S FAVORITE 8-PIECE BATH SET: Transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and relaxation with a luxury bath towel set that feels great, dries fast and looks simply elegant. The Todd Linens Signature Range towel bale includes two bath towels (69 x 137 cm), four face towels (33 x 33 cm) and two hand towels (41 x 71 cm), making it the perfect set for hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest bedrooms, barber shops, home use and more!
  • FADE-RESISTANT & CHEMICAL-FREE: The Todd Linens Signature Range is made with safe, gentle ingredients and contains no toxic chemicals or skin irritants. Each towel is conveniently fade-resistant and built strong to survive plenty of washer/dryer cycles. NOTE: To keep colour vibrant and true, never wash with bleach, fabric softener or any other harsh chemicals.
  • INCLUDES BONUS STORAGE BAG: The included top-carry storage bag makes it easy to stow away your guest towels when not in use, and makes transportation frustration-free. It’s completely waterproof on the outside, ensuring your towels won’t get damp from moisture or humidity. Plus, professional packaging makes it the perfect gift for family and friends (new homeowners love it)!

Todd Linens is a new home goods brand created by textile experts with over 18 years of industry experience. Our mission is simple: Deliver the highest quality towels on the market at the lowest prices possible – in cool, vibrant colours that are easy to match with any style decor.

With so many towels claiming to be “hotel quality” yet failing to meet those standards, we were determined to create a true luxury towel that was quick drying, ultra thick and pillowy-soft – plus fade-resistant and true to colour. Allow us to introduce our Signature Range collection!

Whether you’re pining for a premium-quality 8pieces bath towel set to treat yourself at home or manage a hotel, B&B or other hospitality-focused business that could always stock up on more high-end 8pieces bath towel set, our Signature Range is sure to impress even the pickiest towel lovers.

Thick, Hotel-Quality Cotton (700 GSM)

Ultra thick, double-looped cotton gives the Signature Range a beefy 700 GSM that feels pillowy-soft from head to toe.

Ultra Soft & Absorbent

Plush and fluffy, yet extra absorbent. A single pass is enough to soak up water after a shower or bath (no annoying scrubbing back and forth to get dry!).


Quick Drying 100% Cotton

Unlike poly blend and lower quality cotton towels, our Signature Range is crafted from 100% pure ringspun cotton, so drying time is lightning-fast.


The Perfect Variety for Businesses

With two bath towels, two face towels and four hand towels, our luxury towel bale is perfect for hospitality-focused businesses like hotels, bed and breakfasts, barber shops, groomers and more. They’re also great for sports stadiums, fitness centers and gyms.

Fade-Resistant & Built to Last

Quality stitching and vibrant, fade-resistant colours mean your towel sets washer/dryer cycles for years to come. Made with durable woven cotton so you’ll never have to worry about disintegrating or shredding after only a few short months.

Includes Storage Bag

Each bath towel sets is pre-packaged in a waterproof top-carry bag, so storing and transporting is a breeze. Plus, the monogrammed bag is ready to gift straight out of the box and makes a fantastic present for friends, family, new homeowners or wedding registries.