Fabulously Soft Towels at Fabulously Great Prices

Todd Linen is a brand new home goods brand created by textile experts with over 18 years of industry experience. Our mission is simple: bring you the highest quality towels on the market at the lowest prices possible – in cool, vibrant colours that are easy to match with any style decor!

We were tired of seeing the same thin, scratchy towel bundles popping up that did nothing but frustrate people with how painfully non-absorbent they were. So we created a towel set with thick, premium cotton that tackles any drying task that comes its way – without breaking a sweat.

Stock Up in Every Room of the House

Cleaner Kitchens

Keep hands drier while you cook and clean in the kitchen, quickly mop up impromptu spills, keep a towel or two out in the garage to wipe up workbench areas. Not just for home, Ideal for care homes, hotels, restaurants , bars , barbers or a luxury spa.

Dryer Faces

The perfect size for your morning face wash or evening skincare routine. Keep a few by the sink for frequent exfoliating sessions or in the shower as handy washcloths. Love to pamper your guests? Stock the closet with spares and roll out the red carpet when company’s in town.

Fight Sweat while in Gym

Tote one to the gym for an ultra-absorbent sweat towel that fights off moisture while you hit the gym, whatever you doing today heavy weights, cardio or aerobics these small towels will keep your sweat away without carrying heavy towels. Must roll up some in your gym bags!

Ultra Soft & Absorbent

Unlike other towel bales that feel scratchy and barely dry a thing, our towels boasts a hefty 500 GSM – so it’s extra soft and absorbent. Quickly dry off after a shower, wipe up spills in a jiffy or expedite your morning skincare routine with stylish bath towels that look and feel great.